December 30, 2014


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August 7, 2013

The Krekorian Talent Act (AB 1319) and what we do.

There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to calling services, what we do, and why we are here. I thought I post was needed to explain our role in the background industry and to go over how the Krekorian Talent Act (AB 1319) affects our industry.

We're are here for lots of reasons, but in a nutshell, this is what we do...

  • We maintain a professional, on time, and prepared client roster with accurate information in our booking system for each client.
  • We submit our client roster for jobs based on client-communicated availability combined with casting director submission requests.
  • We work with casting to reserve clients for their projects, relay booking information from casting to our clients, and make sure clients (through confirmations) have received the correct booking information.
  • We keep a smaller roster so we can know all of our clients by name, but still have enough clients to meet casting director needs.
  • We are truthful, reliable, accurate, friendly, and professional to clients and casting.

Of course, we do LOTS more than that, but again... in a nutshell. Calling services add accountability and reliability to the casting equation.  Just to be 100% clear, we are not a casting company, nor are we casting directors.

So what is the Krekorian Talent Act and how does it come into play?

Effective January 1, 2010, the Krekorian Talent Act set forth specific rules in the California labor code that speak to Talent Listing Services (more casually know as calling services/call-in services) among other types of businesses, including Talent Counseling Services, Talent Training Services, Advance-Fee Talent Representation Services, Talent Scouts, and some rules that affect Casting Companies.

I can't speak to all other types of businesses, because we focused on parts of the law that pertain to Talent Listing Services, but the Krekorian Talent Act did make it so casting could not charge for registration or any other fees for actors.

At first the Krekorian Talent Act just seemed like a big pain and a paperwork nightmare, but because we were already an upstanding business, we just had to get bonded and create a service agreement that reflected policies that were already in place, just communicated verbally. Well into our 4th year, I'm happy that the Krekorian Talent Act set standards for our little niche in the background casting world and, through our service agreement, has provided a clear document of what our expectations are for someone is active on service.

And now for the actual Krekorian Talent Act.

If you want to read it, click here. It's in super dry legalese, so I'll go over the parts that pertain to us.

About the act itself...

  • Nothing in this act is intended to prohibit talent training services, talent counseling services, and talent listing services from conducting business provided they comply with the provisions and prohibitions set forth in this act.

Business type: Talent Listing Service...

  • (g) "Talent listing service" means a person who, for a fee from, or on behalf of, an artist, provides or offers to provide, or advertises or represents itself as providing, an artist, directly or by referral to another person, with any of the following:
  • (4) Storage or maintenance for distribution or disclosure to a person represented as offering an audition or employment opportunity, or to a talent agent, talent manager, or an associate, representative, or designee of a talent agent or talent manager, of either of the following: 
  • (B) an artist's schedule of availability for an audition or employment opportunity.

The Krekorian Talent Act then goes into the specifics of what should be included (at minimum) in a companies service agreement and specifics for the Bond that must be on file with the Labor Commissioner. (Look under "Article 3.  Other Talent Services" for the full list.) Our service agreement complies with their guidelines, we have our bond number listed as they need it to be, and we have some additional Jessica's A List specific clauses included in our document as well. To be legal, all Talent Listing Services must have the minimum requirements as listed in the Krekorian Talent Act.

  • (c) A talent listing service and its owners, officers, directors, agents, and employees shall not do either of the following:
  • (1) Own, operate, or have a direct or indirect financial interest in a talent training service or a talent counseling service.
  • (2) Provide a listing of an audition, job, or employment opportunity without written permission for the listing. A talent listing service shall keep and maintain a copy of all original listings; the name, business address, and business telephone number of the person granting permission to the talent listing service to use the listing; and the date the permission was granted.
  • (3) Make or cause to be made an advertisement or representation that includes the trademark, logo, name, word, or phrase of a company or organization, including a studio, production company, network, broadcaster, talent agency licensed pursuant to Section 1700.5, labor union, or organization as defined in Section 1117, in any manner that falsely or misleadingly suggests the endorsement, sponsorship, approval, or affiliation of a talent service.
So that's pretty much it!
If you have questions, please comment below and I'll do my best to answer them!

July 30, 2013

2013 SAG Commercial Extra Rates

click image for a larger view

September 26, 2012

Casting Contacts : Websites (updated 9/26/11)

If a casting company has a website I'll post it on here. Usually most websites have information about projects and registration, as well as contact information.

Atmosphere Casting
2528 12th Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90018

Bill Dance Casting (Bill, Terence)
4605 Lankershim Blvd., Suite 110
North Hollywood, CA 91602
Office: 818-754-6634
Registration: 818-725-4209

Carol Grant Casting (Carol)

Cast of Thousands (Lisa B)
Info: 818-325-2020
(no website)

Casting Associates (Tracy)
1301 Crenshaw Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: 310-755-6200

Central Casting
LA Casting Staff Bio's
TWITTER (Twitter is usually a repost of the Facebook postings.)

Christopher Grey Casting
8271 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Creative Extras Casting (Vanessa)
2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #501
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: (310) 391-9041

David Kang Casting
David Kang Casting
2404 Wilshire Blvd #12F
Los Angeles, CA 90057Phone: 323.969.8200 Ext 218

Debbie Sheridan Casting
13547 Ventura Blvd. Suite 643
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-3825

Debe Waisman Casting
11684 Ventura Blvd #415
Studio City, CA 91604
hotline: 310-535-1325

Dixie Casting (Dixie)
818-920-9900 talent line

Extras On Avail

Headquarters Casting (Carla, Leah)

Idell James Casting
(No Website)
15332 Antioch St., Suite 117
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Phone: 310-230-9344

Jeff Olan Casting
14044 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 209
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

LA Casting Group (Michael)
LA Casting Group
8335 W Sunset Blvd, Ste 332
Los Angeles, CA 90069Phone: 213-534-3888 

Prime Casting (Heather)
6430 Sunset Blvd., Suite 425
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323-962-0377
Hotline: 323-962-5846

Rich King Casting (Rich, Doug, Rob, Cody)
PO Box 93506
Los Angeles, CA 90093
Phone: 323-993-0186

Sande Alessi Casting (Sande, Kristan, Mike, Guy, Elaine)
13731 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Registration Info: 818-623-7040
Work Hotline: 818-771-5717

Tony Hobbs Casting (Tony)
2310 West Magnolia Blvd., Suite B
Burbank, CA 91506
Phone: 818-456-0611

If you know of any additional ones, let me know in the comments.

August 17, 2012

Consistency is key! (and truthfullness too!)

Just a hint from the ladies at A List...

Having consistent and truthful information in your file everywhere you register is the best practice of a good background actor.

Even a little discrepancy in height can make the difference with bookings. For example, if you are 6'6.5" and have yourself listed as  5'6" and  5'7" in different agencies/databases/websites this can make casting directors uneasy with booking you... it's the "well which one is she really?" problem.

This goes for height, weight (within a few lb's one way or the other is fine), hair color, facial hair, and basic sizes.

And this should go without saying... but being truthful is always best. If you are listed in a database as being several inches taller than you are in reality, this can not only make some very unhappy casting directors, but it can make them look awful to their productions when they send someone too short for a role or stand in job. (Making casting look bad is a BAD thing!) This goes for age as well. I know age is a sensitive subject for some people, but I see it happen again and again where background actors loose out on roles becasue they've decided to list themselves as older (rarely) or younger (most of the time) than they really are. By being untruthful you can only decrease bookings.

The best background actor wants to create the smoothest booking possible for the casting director (and their calling service if they have one.) If a casting director sees anything that is not consistent or fishy (like for ladies who are too heavy for their given dress size), the chance is good that they're going to move on.

We love having fresh pictures (6 months old or newer) and remind clients often, but we don't always remind clients to update sizes and we don't know when you're growing that mustache for a webisode (or something like that!) unless you tell us.

Basically, just be you - it's ok for background! But make sure you update us and casting along the way.

With that said, maybe it's time to make sure all your information is correct and consistent with everyone? (hint hint!)

February 23, 2012

"Excused" Casting, reality dating show

Casting for this show asked us to spread the word...


  • In the game of life and in the dating world, how do you measure up?
  • What’s your dating strategy?
  • How do you get the guy/girl?
  • How good is your “game”?


The Producers of Blind Date, The Love Test, and The New Dating Story are seeking sexy girls and guys for a show filled with twists, turns and eliminations! Are you up for a challenge?
If you’re hot, single, 21-30 years old and live in So. Cal., email ASAP with your name, age, contact info, city you live in, a current photo, and why you’d be good for the show!
Email: Participants must be US citizens and 21+

Actors who started in 'reality'...

RYAN SEACREST---Blind Date------ American Idol, E! News
EMMA STONE - VH1's In Search of The Patridge Family -- Easy A, Superbad, Zombieland
MATT LANTER - Bravo's Manhunt -- 90210, The Roomate, Vampires Suck, Heroes
JEREMY RENNER - Bravo's The It Factor -- The Hurt Locker, The Town, Mission Impossible 4
KYLE BRANDT -- MTV Real World: Chicago -- Days of Our Lives
TEDDY GEIGER -- VH1's In Search of The Patridge Family -- The Rocker (Rainn Wilson movie), Love Monkey
STEPHEN COLLETTI -- MTV's Laguna Beach -- One Tree Hill (for four years)
MIKE MIZANIN -- MTV's Real World: Back to New York -- Reigning WWE Champion
KRISTEN WIIG -- Spike's The Joe Schmo Show -- SNL, Bridesmaids, Whip It
MICHAELA CONLIN - Bravo's The It Factor -- Bones, The Lincoln Lawyer, Enchanted
ANALEIGH TIPTON -- America's Next Top Model -- The Green Hornet, Crazy Stupid Love (the new Steve Carrell/Ryan Gosling Movie)
YAYA DACOSTA -- America's Next Top Model -- The Kids Are All Right, House, Tron: Legacy, Ugly Betty
JACINDA BARRETT -- MTV Real World: London -- The Last Kiss, The Namesake, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

February 17, 2012

SAG and AFTRA Merger News: members-only presentation

This is from a SAG email. It is disappointing that they aren't doing anything interactive for this.

Shape the Future of Your Union:
Learn More about the Proposed Merger of SAG and AFTRA
All paid-up SAG and AFTRA members in good standing are urged to attend an important online meeting to learn the facts and impact of the merger.
Wednesday, Feb. 22, 4-6 p.m. PT/7-9 p.m. ET

Log in to your account to view this members-only presentation

Ken Howard, SAG National President
Robert Reardon, AFTRA National President
Matt Kimbrough, AFTRA National Treasurer
Amy Aquino, SAG National Secretary-Treasurer
Holter Graham, AFTRA National Vice President
Ned Vaughn, SAG 1st National Vice President
Gabrielle Carteris, AFTRA 2nd National Vice President
Mike Hodge, SAG 2nd National Vice President
David Hartley-Margolin, SAG 3rd National Vice President
Rebecca Damon, SAG NY Division Vice President
Anne Gartlan, AFTRA New York Local First Vice President
Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, AFTRA National Executive Director
David White, SAG National Executive Director

Email your questions for the panelists to or on Twitter at #sagaftra.
Documents on the merger, FAQ’s and video information are available now at Ballots will be mailed on February 27 to all eligible AFTRA and SAG members to vote on this historic change for your union. Learn the facts, so that you can cast an informed vote.

This meeting is only open to paid-up SAG and AFTRA members in good standing. You must log into your member account on and to view this livestream event. If you are not registered at or, you will need to register in order to access the livestream.
If you need ADA accommodations, please let us know by contacting us at or (323) 549-6644.

SAG and AFTRA Merger News: Anti-Merger Lawsuit Looming Against SAG (Exclusive)

From the Hollywood Reporter...

Opponents of SAG-AFTRA merger have prepared a lawsuit against the union and its officers, and are prepared to go into federal court by Tuesday in an effort to halt the merger referendum, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.  (Follow the link below for the full story.)

February 2, 2012



Shape the Future of Your Union: Learn More about the Proposed Merger of SAG and AFTRA

Featuring SAG National President Ken Howard, AFTRA National President Roberta Reardon, SAG Secretary-Treasurer Amy Aquino, SAG 1st VP Ned Vaughn, AFTRA 2nd Vice President Gabrielle Carteris and AFTRA National Treasurer Matt Kimbrough

All paid-up SAG and AFTRA members in good standing are urged to attend an important educational/informational meeting in Los Angeles to learn the facts and impact of the merger.

On January 27 and 28, the national boards of SAG and AFTRA overwhelmingly approved the merger agreement to form one union. Now the decision is in your hands. Ballots will be mailed on February 27 to all eligible AFTRA and SAG members to vote on this historic change for your union. Learn the facts, so that you can cast an informed vote.

What: SAG and AFTRA informational meeting to discuss the terms of the proposed SAG-AFTRA new union.

When: 7-9 p.m., Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where: Museum Square Building (SAG and AFTRA Headquarters)
5757 Wilshire Blvd. Promenade, Lobby Level
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Parking will be validated.

There will be time for Q&A, so please bring your questions. Please note that members of both unions will have two votes. Informational materials contained in the referendum packet are also available on the SAG and AFTRA websites. 

The meeting is only open to paid-up SAG and AFTRA members in good standing. Unfortunately, no guests allowed. Parents/guardians of younger performers under 18 years old are welcome. SAG AND AFTRA MEMBERS, PLEASE BRING YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD (paid thru April 30, 2012) FOR ADMITTANCE.