March 16, 2010

From the SAG Call Sheet, if you missed it

Dear Hollywood Division Members:

I wish I had positive and encouraging news to share with Hollywood SAG members, but I don’t. Seventy-nine pilots. Seventy-nine scripted dramatic programming pilots. Seventy-nine work opportunities for which our members could possibly work, earning pension credits and qualifying for the ever elusive health coverage.

Unfortunately Screen Actors Guild has missed out on all of those opportunities. Take a look at Variety’s article of February 9, “AFTRA the Deal of Choice,” written by Dave McNary. Very sobering. And to add more insult to the injury, filming permits in L.A. have declined, significantly, once again. Work is everywhere but HERE. Productions are quickly gravitating to states that offer producer-friendly discounts, with a growing and experienced work force. And more importantly, these productions are gravitating away from SAG coverage. Some consider these huge discounts/incentives a race to the bottom. Some also opine that the shift in union coverage could be the end of SAG in the area of primetime television. Whatever your opinion regarding the whys or the what fors, television work is leaving SAG at a dizzying pace.

My hope is that we, as a collective, find our way back on course, and fast. If this trend continues, thousands of SAG members will no longer earn enough for SAG health coverage or pension credit points, which will trickle down, negatively impacting our Pension and Health Plans. And as far as California’s tax incentives go, it’s a beginning (albeit late to the party), but they don’t go far enough. Why weren’t commercial productions included?

I can’t express strongly enough how dire this is. And I know I’m not talking in a vacuum. Not a day goes by that I don’t have these conversations with fellow actors at auditions, on sets, on the streets and in the board room. Those who I’ve spoken to believe SAG needs to do more to offer all of its Hollywood members a forum to hold a healthy dialogue regarding these key career/union issues. I agree. And as your 1st vice president, I’ll do my best to make that happen.

Anne-Marie Johnson

March 15, 2010

Why films aren't here

March 11, 2010

Oh Paperwork...

This is important for all current A List Clients...

Watch in your regular mail for an envelope from A List. Due to new legislation in the State of California we are issuing agreements for service that need to be signed and returned by 3/31/10.

The basics of how we work won't be changing, but things like billing and conduct will be more closely restricted. As well as having a clear policy of what to expect from us as a service, the agreement explains what we expect from you to maintain good standing.

The papers you will be receiving will explain more, but this is just a 'heads-up'.